What travel depletes

I haven’t ever done a daily prompt  post before, but word just inspired me today. My post is about backpacking!

The main thing that backpacking and travelling depletes is money. Travelling is a serious investment, if you go you are probably not going to be able to afford to buy a house or that designer handbag, but you will be able to buy that plane ticket and that amazing experience. For me every penny spent travelling is worth it, whilst my friends are all saving for houses or splashing their money on expensive things I’ve spent the last 3 years living on the cheap and putting all my spare pennies away for this summer. It means I’ve missed out on some things that I would have liked to do and I shop at charity shops/Primark for my clothes but it’ll all be worth it when I’m on a plane winging my way to Cuba.

Travelling is not something that everyone wants to do (my brother for example wouldn’t be caught dead in a hostel!) but it if you’re someone who has the wonderlust then it’s worth all the sacrifices you have to make to get on your way!




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